Sunday, 25 July 2010

GSoC Week 9

Last week I mentioned I almost had ready the implementation to deal with bad entries in the cache, finally during the week I sent a first version of the patch, I got some review and now I'm working to improve it.

One of the things I will change is the way we determinate which error we had when trying to use one of the entries in the cache, in my patch I was using the error string ( but it was because at the moment we don't have an ADT for some errors, for example the ones which are thrown from libcurl), so I will implement an new data type which will helps us to determinate in a safer way, which was the error that we got.

Other thing I will rewrite is the way to determinate if a ssh is bad or not, again we have the problem of the error type with ssh ( which we couldn't infer), so what I was doing was to do a request to the server and check if it was reachable or not, but then I realized that It wasn't correct, having a ssh server listening in port 22, doesn't necessarily mean that it does in port 80 too.

Also I got a first draft of the high level documentation doc, which aim to explain how the cache system works, I did a call in the darcs-users mailing list for feedback, which wasn't very successful, I would really appreciate if you can give a look at it and give me some feedback.

During the coming weeks I will finish this patch, and work on documentation and testing, more information of my progress can be found in the wiki.

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