Saturday, 29 May 2010

GSoC Week 1: Getting to know you

It has been almost a week since hacking started, during the week my activities were focused in getting to know Darcs code, working in the skeleton of a high level document for the cache system, and looking at one of the warm-up issues, I won't say I already know how it all works, but I'm picking up new things each day and that's fine :).

From the Darcs code section, I know most of my work would be done in the module Darcs.Repository where the cache code lives, I still need to go deeply and see why, how, and what for is it used in each of the submodules, and how the cache system fits in all the system.

The first sketch of the skeleton for the high level document can be found in [1], we are putting all the administrative stuff in [4] to help us to keep track of everything.

About one of the first warm-up issues (1503), I found a possible way to fix it, you can read more about it in the last comment in [2], I haven't sent a patch yet, but I hope to have it before Tuesday.

While I was looking at this issue we noticed something weird in the log and we found another issue [3], I have a test left to do, and check if that is a problem specific to the installation in my server or is something from the current branch.

For the coming week I plan to:

- Close issue 1503.
- Pick up other issue.
- Elaborate more in the "Internal" section of the document.


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