Saturday, 5 June 2010

GSoC Week 2

After last week's meeting with Eric ( my mentor) we got a better time line written down, and now I have clear goals for each week until the midterms evaluation, for this week my goals were:
* Complete issue1503
* Complete issue1210
* Description of cache usage for each module in Darcs.Repository

I'm happy to say that issue 1503 was closed, and I sent the patch for issue1210 but is waiting for revision, also I noticed that I'm more familiar with the darcs structure ( at least the part in which I'm working ) and I've started to know where I have to search for something each time I need a particular functionality.

When I first sent the patch for issue 1503, Eric and Petr did some comments about design and style which took me to rewrite the original patch, thanks to them I have learn to push myself more into thinking in a bigger view each time I plan to introduce changes somewhere, sometimes you just develop bad practices which you don't see unless someone else point it to you, so I feel more convinced that a good way to learn and become a better programmer is contributing to this kind of projects, where you interact with other people, where they are commenting on you code, making you think better about what you are doing, all this kind of stuff is something you won't learn from the university, but just getting involve in something in the real world.

Other thing that I learnt was that I had a wrong idea of the concept of tests, I thought the test case for a certain issue would be one were it used to fail before applying the changes, but I didn't thought about how should the test behave in case of failing, here thanks again to Eric for explaining it to me :).

For the next week I plan to work on issue1176, start to elaborate a test plan for issue 1599, write the test cases for issues 1503 and 1210 and continue my work in the document of the darcs cache.

You can always check out my advance and know more about my project in the darcs wiki where we are documenting everything.

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